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Name:Tempting Fate
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Kismet: \’kis-met’\ noun, often capitalized
1. a power that is believed to control what happens in the future.
2. Fate

Loop: \’lup’\ noun
1. A continuously repeated segment

Fate has brought you here. Plucked from the wheel of your life and dropped into the weave of a larger pattern.

They call the mists the Miasma. It’s a dangerous and chaotic cloud of swirling black and purple. Some might find it beautiful, some might find it eerie, and all will know that they are here because of it.

Waking in a cloud of swirling vapors, as though released from a bubble of chaos that’s finally burst, you find yourself somewhere new, somewhere different, somewhere alien. This planet is young, ever growing and ever changing, and still wild and barely tamed.

And you, poor refugee, are stuck here.

Do not worry. You are not alone in this alien place. There are other refugees, doing what they can to make a home for themselves in this strange place or looking for ways to get back to their own homes. There are people from all times and realities, all sizes, races, and beliefs, from robots to organics, and more. Who knows? You may be lucky enough to find a familiar face among the residents.

Along with the refugees are the Guardians. Beings of enormous powers, if not always enormous statures, have taken up residence within the city. They are here to keep the Miasma at bay, though they have other purposes as well. They may not say what, but some may hint that there is a power out there that could be the key to sending you home. Should you help them, you may find yourself blessed with gifts most mortals only dream of.

Anger them, and you risk facing the chaos of the Miasma alone.

Work hard, refugee. You can become a part of this new and alien world, help build and shape the budding culture that is forming here. You can help the Guardians, or you can search for your own way home. Perhaps you are here for a reason, fated to change a world? Destroy it? Build it? Your fate is in your hands now, refugee. Your fate and the fate of this planet may well rest on your shoulders.

Or perhaps you’re merely stuck in an endless Loop of Fate.

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